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We'll explain how easy it is for you to take this class and get the ticket off your record. And you'll also hear how you can download your certificate immediately after completing the course.

How it Works

  • You got a ticket. What's next?

    Ugh. You got a traffic ticket. And the prospect of taking a 4-hour defensive driving course has got you down. But hang on, there's good news. By taking our course you get the ticket off your record and it will never be reported to your insurance company. We also promise to make the class as painless as possible, with video lessons designed for Tennesseans by Tennesseans. And who knows, you might even enjoy it.

  • Sign up & take the class

    You can easily sign up by creating a username and password, or you can use your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn logins. Easy, right? You will then be directed to the first lesson, which you can watch on your pc, laptop, tablet or cellphone. You can pause the class at anytime and take a break for a few hours - or a few days. At the end of most sections are simple quizzes that you can retake until you get a passing grade of 75%. These quizzes will prepare you for the final exam, which you will also be able to retake if necessary. Yes, it's easy!

  • Download your certificate

    Woohoo! You completed the course with flying colors and now you instantly see a "Get Your Certificate" button. You will be prompted to download your certificate. After that, it's up to you get that certificate to your court - in person, with an email, or through snail mail - that part is entirely up to you. And in the unfortunate event that your certificate is lost, you can always access your account, and your certificate, at a later date. Yes, it's still that easy!

Start Your Engines!

Keep that ticket off your record. Sign up now for our defensive driving class that stands above the rest. Made in Tennessee. For Tennesseans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you certified by the State of Tennessee for a 4-hour on-line traffic school?

    Yes. We are certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety for both an in-person AND an on-line 4 hour traffic school. Our certification number is #475.

  • When do I get my certificate?

    You may download your certificate immediately at the conclusion of the class.

  • How much does this class cost?

    This class costs $39.99. We accept all major credit cards.

  • After I pay, how long do I have to take this class?

    You will have 60 days from the day you pay for the class, to complete the course and download your certificate.

  • Does your class have a test? And will I need to pass it to get my certificate?

    Yes. Our class has a short quiz after most sections and a final test. You can retake them as often as you need, to pass with a 75%.

  • What is the time commitment to take this class?

    As required by the state, this class has four hours of content. You can choose to take the class in one four hour block or spread it out over many days. You must complete the class within 60 days.

  • Why should I choose this class?

    This class was developed by two Tennessee residents who saw a need for a Tennessee-specific on-line class. We talk about driver safety in a unique way, developed over years of teaching this course in person. We hope you will join us on our journey! Also, completing a 4-hour defensive driving course will keep a ticket/points off of your driving record, without affecting your auto insurance premium.

  • Do you provide the court with a copy of my certificate?

    No. You will be responsible for downloading the certificate at the completion of the course and providing it directly to the court.

  • I'm taking the class and I have an issue. How do I get help?

    We will be glad to help you solve any problem you might have. You can ask a question via email and we will respond during normal business hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

Refund Policy

Once you begin the course, our 4-Hour Online traffic school is generally NOT eligible for refund, however we MAY approve a refund on a case by case basis.

 If you have registered (accidentally) for the wrong course, contact us IMMEDIATELY. You must notify us by email at [email protected] or by completing the contact form, to be eligible for a refund.